Screen Printing Glitter Additive Silver 2oz, Speedball

Add a touch of shimmer to your screen prints with Speedball’s Glitter Additive.  You can use the glitter in nearly any mixing ratio with your favorite Fabric or Acrylic Screen Printing Ink. The ink can shimmer modestly or dazzle depending on how much glitter you add! Stir the ink until the glitter is completely incorporated, and print as normal.  Depending on the effect that you want, add one spoonful of glitter additive to 2 spoonfuls of Speedball Fabric Ink. Adding more glitter does make the ink thicker. Stir until the glitter is fully combined.

  • Silver-colored glitter for screen-printing
  • Stir in until the glitter is incorporated
  • 2 ounces






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