About Us

Quality Art, Inc. has been in business for over 40 years.  Larene R. Stigile started manufacturing stretched canvas in the comfort of her home garage.  Larene sold her stretched artist canvas to many local art students and instructors including her mother, Barbara Ragsdale who she taught oil painting classes with.  Larene’s stretched canvas began selling very well,  so she and her husband Brett M. Stigile soon moved what had become their canvas manufacturing into a new location.  In this new location they began to wholesale out their canvases along with many other art related products.

Over the years Brett and Larene added many different fine art lines to the company. They began branching out into the school industry selling school craft items, as well as fine art supplies.  Their business was expanding at a large rate and as their two daughters Kira and Sheena got older they joined the family business.  Both daughters helped in all aspects of the business from the manufacturing, pulling and processing orders, working in the retail store and eventually moving into the office.

In 1999 the family not only moved their location to a new larger facility but also faced the loss of Larene Stigile to leukemia. Her two daughters had to take over more of the office work. Over the years with their growing families Sheena left the business to grow her craft blog,  “The Keeper of the Cheerios” and assist her husband in his electrical business. Kira is currently running their continually changing  business with her father Brett and occasionally Sheena will pop in to help out. 

Quality Art, Inc. has been through many changes over the years but has never lost sight of their customer service.  Brett and his daughters feel that when you call their office with a question or an order you should always get a live customer service representative not an automated phone service.  Quality Art, Inc. is always happy to assist their customers in any way possible to make their ordering experience more pleasant.