This set is a trial set so ideal for any artist wishing to try Cobra Artist water mixable oil paints for the first time. Contains 6 x 20ml Tubes of Cobra Water Mixable Oils.   

Titanium White 105, Permanent Yellow Light 283, Pyrrole Red 315, Permanent Red Violet 567, Ultramarine 504 and Permanent Green Deep 619

Cobra Water Mixable Oil Paint is a genuine oil paint that has been specially formulated to work with water rather than solvents.  After drying, this water mixable oil paint looks the same as traditional oil paints. Cobra Oil Colors have the highest degree of lightfastness and when dried, they are waterproof. The advantage of these oils is that messy, strong odor solvents are no longer required and you can simply thin this paint with water. This makes them a great choice for any travelling artist.




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