This quality value Art Set offers a wide variety of sketching artist supplies that is essential for students are artists alike.  Featuring essential artist-grade sketching supplies, such as graphite pencils, sketching sticks, and charcoal pencils to help any artist improve on sketching techniques.  Translucent artist box that can hold plenty of art supplies all while allowing the artist the opportunity to see what is exactly inside the box.  Great for artists of all levels, hobbyists, and crafters.

  • 35PC SET INCLUDES – 9 Graphite Pencils, 6 Sketching Sticks, 4 Vine Charcoal, 3 Charcoal Sticks, 3 Charcoal Pencils, 2 Woodless Graphite Pencils, 1 Clear Artist Clip Board, 1 Woodless Charcoal Pencil, 1 Sharpener, 1 Eraser, 1 Kneadable Eraser, 1 Sandpaper Block, 1 Paper Blending Stump, and 1 Black Wooden Case






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