Watercolor metal tin set Opaque White Mixing Color Selection | 12 pans + brush  Make your watercolors opaque with this Opaque White mixing set. This set contains two pans of Opaque White (106) and a selection of vibrant colors to mix and experiment with.  Since 1899, Rembrandt watercolor paint has grown into an indispensable range for the professional watercolorist. These vivid watercolors are made using pure gum arabic and premium-quality pigments that offer the highest degrees of lightfastness.

  • Modern, professional watercolors 
  • Ground multiple times on a triple roller mill to create an artists’ quality fineness
  • Offers a uniform drying time and the highest degree of lightfastness

Contents: 12 pans (248 Azo Yellow Deep – 297 Benzimidazolone Orange – 364 Quinacridone Red – 368 Quinacridone Rose Magenta – 583 Phthalo Blue Red – 585 Indanthrene Blue – 593 Quinacridone Purple Blue – 675 Phthalo Green – 681 Phthalo Green Yellow – 715 Neutral Tint – 2 x 106 Opaque White) and a round brush (size 4).






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