Rembrandt Watercolor Granulating, Half-Pan Tin Set of 12 + Brush

The particles of the pigments used in Rembrandt granulating watercolors tend to cluster and collect in the deeper layers of the paper. This results in a characteristic grainy effect. This set contains a stunning selection of our granulating colors.  Rembrandt watercolors are made in Holland of only the best materials. This professional-quality color range is made from the purest pigments and purest quality gum arabic for brilliant and constant colors.  All colors in this specialty set have the highest lightfastness rating of +++ (100+ years under museum conditions). This set includes a round #4 travel paintbrush. 

Color numbers include:

  • 230 Dusk Yellow 
  • 234 Raw Sienna 
  • 373 Dusk Pink 
  • 410 Greenish Umber 
  • 503 French Ultramarine 
  • 507 Ultramarine Violet 
  • 534 Cerulean Blue 
  • 539 Cobalt Violet 
  • 616 Viridian 
  • 629 Green Earth 
  • 630 Dusk Green 
  • 682 Cobalt Turquoise Green



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