Rembrandt Watercolor Oxide Black Mixing Collection, Metal Tin Set of 12 tubes + Brush

Create your own granulating colors with this Oxide Black mixing set. The set includes two tubes of Oxide Black and ten mixing colors. By mixing these colors with Oxide Black, you can create unique granulating colors with a dark mass tone and a definite undertone.  The particles of the pigments used in Rembrandt granulating watercolors tend to cluster and collect in the deeper layers of the paper. This results in a characteristic grainy effect. By mixing colors with Oxide Black, it creates unique granulating colors with a dark mass tone and a bright undertone.  Since 1899, Rembrandt watercolor paint has grown into an indispensable range for the professional watercolorist. These vivid watercolors are made using pure gum arabic and premium-quality pigments that offer the highest degrees of lightfastness rating of +++ (100+ years under museum conditions). 

Color numbers include:

  • Azo Yellow Medium Cadmium Free (247),
  • Brilliant Orange (264),
  • Azomethine Green Yellow (296),
  • Napthol Red Bright (354),
  • Transparent Oxide Red (378),
  • Permanent Red Violet (567),
  • Phthalo Blue Red (583),
  • Indanthrene Blue (585),
  • Quinacridone Purple Blue (593),
  • Phthalo Green Yellow (681),
  • 2 pans of Oxide Black (735)



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