MaimeriBlu, Jenna Rainey Artist Watercolor Set

Jenna Rainey Artist Partnership – Known for her impeccably beautiful floral techniques, Jenna Rainey is a professional artist and teacher. Thanks to this collaboration, all watercolor artists can approach the medium with confidence using colors personally chosen by Jenna that speak to her style and technique.

  • 6 Single-Pigment Colors – MaimeriBlu watercolors are carefully formulated with the purest pigments to create a magnificent spectrum of colors. Set colors include Primary Yellow, Permanent Red Light, Quinacridone Red, Green Gold, Prussian Blue, and Carbon Black.
  • Exclusive Composition – professional watercolor tubes contain only natural Kordofan gum Arabic from Sudan, glycerin and a meticulously selected single pigment for a simple yet stunning paint that flows from brush to paper with magnificent ease.

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