Liquitex heavy body artist acrylic paint, has a thick consistency for traditional art techniques using brushes or knives as well as for experimental mixed media collage and printmaking applications. When you’re ready to elevate your acrylic paintings to the next level, look no further than the gloss gel medium and varnish, which can enhance color intensity, increase transparency, add gloss, ease flow, add flexibility and adhesion of paint film, and act as a non-removable, glossy varnishï–all in one bottle!”


  • 1x .75oz/22ml tube cadmium yellow medium hue
  • 1x .75oz/22ml tube cadmium red light hue
  • 1x .75oz/22ml tube cadmium orange hue
  • 1x .75oz/22ml tube cobalt blue hue
  • 1x .75oz/22ml tube burnt sienna
  • 1x .75oz/22ml tube mars black
  • 1x 2oz/59ml tube titanium white
  • 1x 4oz jar of gloss medium/varnish
  • 2x artist brushes
  • 1x a palette Knife
  • 1x canvas board
  • 1x project book.

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