This free-standing, multi-purpose table rack is a great artwork organizer for drying or storing prints in art classes, studios, print, sign shops, or home hobby areas. It can be used on a table top, counter, or rolling cart. The 12 “fixed” shelves are made of sturdy, non-rust, 1/8″ dia. wire with supports. The frame is constructed of strong 1” tubular steel with a black enamel rust resistant finish. Ships “ready to assemble”. Instructions are included.

*Easy to assemble. After frame is constructed simply take one side of a wire shelf and push into one of the pre-drilled holes in the metal frame until it protrudes slightly out of the back. Next take the other other side of that same shelf & gently squeeze until the end lines up with pre-drilled hole and push in until it protrudes slightly out of the back. Do this for each shelf to ensure your drying rack will be secure & stable.


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