Grumbacher Academy Watercolor Set is an excellent set for building your watercolor palette, this set has all the essential colors for getting a start in watercolor painting, and includes 2 brushes, a mixing palette, and case!  Two reds and two blues mix well with the yellow included to give you a full range of secondary in combination with the two greens that are included. These colors that can be further shaded or muted with Payne’s Gray and earth tones. A tube of Chinese White can be used to add opacity to colors for painting on dark or tinted papers, or for adding special effects over dried watercolor.


  •  #4 Round camel hair brush
  •  1/4″ Stroke Brush
  •  plastic 12 small well mixing tray

12 colors

  • 1 (.25oz/7.5ml) Alizarin Crimson
  • 1 (.25oz/7.5ml) Yellow Ochre Hue
  • 1 (.25oz/7.5ml) Virdian
  • 1 (.25oz/7.5ml) Burnt Sienna
  • 1 (.25oz/7.5ml) Cadmium Yellow Pale Hue
  • 1 (.25oz/7.5ml) Chinese White
  • 1 (.25oz/7.5ml) Thalo Blue Hue
  • 1 (.25oz/7.5ml) Cadmium Red Light
  • 1 (.25oz/7.5ml) Payne’s Gray
  • 1 (.25oz/7.5ml) Sap Green 
  • 1 (.25oz/7.5ml) Ultramarine Blue
  • 1 (.25oz/7.5ml) Yellow Ochre Hue





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