DAS Smart Polymer Clay Pastel Set – 12 1oz Color Blocks of Oven Bake Clay can be used for modeling, creating jewelry, playing, and much more! With excellent plasticity and a great balance of softness and hardness,  makes it easy to work with yet ideal for creating details.

Pastel Set includes :  1 oz. each of white, vanilla, flesh pink, peach, rose, lilac, turquoise, beige, aquamarine, quartz blue, black and metallic silver.

  • Oven Baked Crafting – Bake your DAS Smart polymer sculpting clay in your regular kitchen oven at 266°F (130°C) for 30 minutes to finalize the form of your creation. You can add additional details to your project and cook the clay again until you get the effect you’re looking for
  • Artistic Versatility – Each vibrant clay block can be used for any of your favorite crafts. Use this polymer clay for jewelry making, sculpting, crafting and more
  • Perfectly Pliable – Molding and forming each 1oz brick of baking clay for sculpting into your desired product is fast and simple with how easily moldable the clay is. Use the DAS line of modeling tools for a variety of different effects to embellish your masterpiece



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