Sharpie The Ultimate Collection – (115 Count)

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Bravely break away from dull and boring with the ultimate collection of Sharpie Permanent Markers. This collector’s edition set comes complete with 40 fine tip, 42 ultra fine tip, 8 chisel tip and 12 twin tip markers in boldly original colors plus 5 electrifying neon markers and 8 stunning metallic markers. Made to mark, stand out, and stay on practically any surface, it’s the permanent marker born for unique, courageous, outrageous self-expression that always leaves a memorable impression.

  • Ultimate collection of colors for unique creations
  • Brilliant original shades eliminate dull and boring
  • Luminous neon markers are vivid in the day, glow under black light
  • Stunning marker ink stands out on dark surfaces
  • Proudly permament on most other surfaces
  • Fine point creates impressively bold, detailed marks
  • Ultra fine point has a precise, narrow tip
  • Chisel tip marks both broad and fine lines

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