Prismacolor Colored Pencil Set – (12 Pack) Under the Sea

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Bring the world’s oceans to life with the Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils Under the Sea Set. Artist-quality smoothness for every level of expertise, the coloring pencils have supple cores for unbeatable blending and shading. The rich, high-quality pigments breathe brilliant color into your artwork.
  • Beautiful range of colors selected to bring exciting aquatic scenes to life
  • Artist-quality colored pencils for every level of expertise – perfect for coloring books
  • High-quality pigments for rich color saturation
  • Soft, thick cores for a smooth laydown and excellent blending and shading
  • Coloring pencil set includes: Poppy Red, Yellowed Orange, Canary Yellow, Salmon Pink, Grass Green, Moss Green, Light Aqua, Cobalt Turquoise, Electric Blue, Indanthrone Blue, Dioxazine Purple Hue and Seashell Pink

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