ONE4ALL is a highly pigmented, ready to use acrylic-based hybrid-paint, completely solvent-free, dilutable with water (for translucent effects) or acetone (for permanence on fatty surfaces), high-covering, quick-drying and silk matt. The dispenser cap ensures an exact and clean dosing of paint. It is 100% UV- and weather-resistant and therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. All colors are intermixable. When mixed with other products it is advisable to test the mixture on a suitable spot. Refills any sized Molotow ONE4ALL paint marker – 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 4mm or 15mm.

Neons will appear fluorescent under UV light, all highly opaque. The neon colors can be mixed to create different shades. However, neon colors mixed with non-neon colors will loose their fluorescent properties.







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