Global Art Handmade Watercolor Book (9″ x 6″)

MSRP: $51.69



These luxurious new journals from Global Art are a distinctive surface with as much personality as your paintings! The handmade watercolor paper is made in the Punjab region of India from 100% recycled cotton, and is acid-free and archival. With a sturdy 140 lb. weight, each sheet features a distinct surface texture and 4 naturally deckled edges produced during the paper making process. The double sizing, both internal and external, makes for an extremely durable and workable sheet. This plush watercolor paper has been bound together into journals of 48 pages, with a sturdy board binding covered in elegant brown handmade paper. Let your journal say as much about you as your artwork with unique new Handmade Watercolor Paper Journals from Global Art!

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