Acrylic Techniques in Mixed Media: Layer, Scribble, Stencil, Stamp

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Through more than 28 start to finish demonstrations and several easy sewing projects, Roxanne Padgett shares her favorite approaches for bringing acrylic painting and mixed media techniques together. With easy acrylic painting techniques you too can achieve great, advanced results on your own canvas. Using inexpensive materials and fun crafts, Roxanne teaches her techniques to artists of all ages and all skill levels. Several easy sewing projects bring new perspective to your mixed media work.

Starting with the basics of color theory and how to choose the right color combination for your project, Roxanne Padgett then shares techniques for layering, scribbling, stenciling, and stamping in acrylic paint. Learn how to make big marks with graphite pencil, how to make and use stencils and much more. Make crayong rubbings and print on your canvas with hand-carved stamps. You’ll also learn how to fine tune top layering techniques with gel pens, tracing wheels and more small tools. This book of techniques, demonstrations and projects will help you create amazing results in your acrylic mixed media art.

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