# 5 Series 237 University White Nylon Bright

MSRP: $13.29



University is a range of white synthetic general-purpose Artists brushes with distinctive red handles and white tips. Manufactured to our high standards, these brushes are stiff enough to use with slightly more fluid oils and acrylics yet soft enough to use with water colors making University a genuine all-purpose range. The polyester filaments in University brushes give smoother brush marks compared to hog hair making them excellent for fluid oils and acrylics with less visible brush strokes. The polyester also offers excellent spring and head shape retention and will last a considerable length of time if properly cared for. The handles are finished in five coats of lacquer to protect the natural wood from swelling in use and to prevent any solvents from penetrating the wood. The affordability of University makes it suitable for all artists from beginners to professionals wanting an excellent inexpensive all-purpose brush. It’s also a great range for crafters.

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